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Didi's Adventure is a puzzle game in which players have to guide Didi, a friendly pink ball, through a maze containing more than forty levels, all of which are full of danger, traps, and many puzzles waiting to be solved.

The players have to use the arrow keys to guide Didi through the scenes, avoiding all of the traps and mortal enemies. If you touch any of these obstacles, whether they be spikes or an enemy, you will have to start the level all over again.

In addition to the arrow keys, you have to use the mouse. With the mouse, you can interact with all of the puzzles. You have to press buttons, spin mirrors, and much more.

As you pass through the forty levels that make up Didi's Adventure, you will also come face to face with a big boss or two. In these occasions, you will once again have to use your brain to get through them.

Didi's Adventure is a very fun puzzle adventure in which players can compete on the classification tables and compare their times on each of the game's levels.
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